A Case Study on How to Effectively Use the Portatank® Liquid Level Indicator

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On 1st July 2021, our Middle East Strategic Marketing Partner, Peter Machado Marketing Management LLC (PM3) headed by Captain Peter Paul C. Machado along with Ms. Leah Joyce Lucmayon, had the opportunity to conduct a demo – Calibration and Testing which showcased the use of Coltraco Ultrasonics’ Portatank® liquid level indicator, to one of the larger public service infrastructure company in the UAE.

Team PM3 lead by Leah used the Portatank® to measure the liquid level of three tanks that were about 35cm-40cm in length and width. Leah demonstrated the calibration and tested two of their Yorkshire switchgear distribution box. With the Portatank® liquid level indicator, Leah successfully identified the correct oil level in these two distribution boxes. Leah stated, “It is important to identify the ideal or most direct pathway between the sides of the tank, thereby enhancing the accuracy and reliability of the actual correct measurement.”Team PM3 also conducted the calibration and tested one of their larger Transformers with the use of the Portatank® liquid level indicator . Once again, the exact level of oil in the transformer was successfully detected. Leah advised that it is important to correctly select the optimum parameters for liquid/oil level detection specific to your tank for enhanced accuracy and reliability.

This Transformer had a mechanical liquid level float gauge installed, which enabled them to identify if the tank is full. One of the maintenance Engineers from the company, informed Leah that the float gauge was showing that the transformer is almost full, while the result from the Portatank® identified the oil level about 3 inches below the tank level shown by the float gauge.After marking the identified oil level using the Portatank®, the customer opened the transformer and manually measured the oil level using a stick. To their surprise, the level from the stick was exactly the same as the level accurately identified using our Portatank®.

The seven personnel who attended the demo, which also served as a training session, were also convinced by the accuracy of the Portatank readings, which was completely accurate as compared to their inbuilt mechanical float gauge.

Since we have successfully identified the oil levels on these 3 different tanks, we can vouch for and confidently state that the ideal solution to non-invasively identifying levels of water and clean liquids in large industrial tanks is the use of the Portatank® liquid level indicator.

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