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Our comprehensive range of ultrasonic liquid level indicators are designed for testing contents of marine fixed firefighting systems such as CO2 systems. They provide:

  • reliability,
  • accuracy,
  • ease of use, and 
  • peace of mind: for crew and vessel

Our product range includes the Portamarine® and the Portalevel® MAX MARINE PLUS.

  • The Portamarine® is the ‘go-to’ choice for CO2 fire cylinder servicing for shipping companies.  Quick and easy with no need to weigh cylinders or dismantle systems. It is RINA Accepted.
  • The Portalevel® MAX MARINE PLUS is our advanced liquid level indicator with multiple calibration modes for challenging cylinders.  The intuitive screen display shows GAS or LIQUID. It is ABS Type Approved and RINA Accepted.

All our marine models comply IMO SOLAS FSS Code Chapter

We have models to cover all marine applications complying with IMO SOLAS FSS Code Chapter

  • Offshore Fire Suppression Servicing inspections and
  • Onboard CO2 fire suppression systems.

Choose 6-12 monthly regulatory compliance by inspecting your marine systems. Recommended for inspections of shipboard marine CO2 systems using level indicator.

Each unit has an extension rod, allowing you to easily check between the cylinder banks without having to remove any cylinders from the manifold.

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