Canadian Press Release: New distributor in British Columbia, Canada – 2013

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FAO Coltraco Customers in British Columbia

Coltraco and our lead Canadian distributor, Kaycom, are proud to announce our new joint partnership with Survitec Vancouver/DBC Marine Safety Systems Limited for the distribution of Coltraco products.

We see this as a natural extension to the high quality Marine Safety equipment that they have been known to deliver to their customers for over 30 years. We are excited to be moving forward with this new endeavor as this will now give customers better access to the exclusive and complimentary Coltraco product line in British Columbia.

Keeping in step with Coltraco’s known excellence to customer support, DBC is fully committed to providing you with exceptional product and service.

For additional information, product questions or requests for quotations, please contact the following DBC experts:

Michael Edwards

Air Sea Service Administrator, Survitec Group /

Mobile +1 60 43 07 00 47 Direct +1 60 42 14 42 76

Keith Burke

Service Manager, PRM, Survitec Group /

Mobile +1 604 657 4609 Direct +1 604 214 4321