As a member of the UK Chamber, Coltraco Ultrasonics are proud to see them working with the United For Wildlife association, of which the Duke of Cambridge is president, fighting to end the illegal wildlife trade.

Extracts from the official UK Chamber press release as follows:

Valued at up to $20 billion per year, the illegal trade of wildlife is the world’s fourth most lucrative crime. The transport industry has stepped in to help end it.

The UK Chamber was among attendees at this week’s meeting of the United For Wildlife Transport Taskforce at Lancaster House, continuing the group’s work in ending the illicit trade of wildlife products.

The illegal trade is valued between $5-20 billion per year, making it the fourth most lucrative global crime after drugs, human trafficking and arms. Moreover, the trade fuels instability and criminality in demand and supply countries.

United For Wildlife, of which the Duke of Cambridge is president, last year formed its Transport Taskforce, which engages the transport industry to save protected species from illegal trade. It is chaired by former foreign secretary Lord William Hague.