Coltraco Launches LinkedIn Social Media Page – Dubai Air Show November 2013

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Our LinkedIn page was launched at the Dubai Air Show. Please click on the link to join us at LinkedIn. The growth in aviation fire safety is a major opportunity for Coltraco. The rapid development of complex data and telecommunication facilities in airports and their consequent need to be protected by high value FM-200 & NOVEC™1230 fire suppression systems is bringing about a whole new market for their permanent contents monitoring.

Permalevel™ Multiplex enables 365 day per annum monitoring and provides remote diagnostic and data recoverable audit trail capabilities. Coltraco was proud to have a presence at the Dubai Air Show. Whilst in Dubai we also visited longstanding Portalevel™ customers – some of 20 years now – in the marine servicing and fire safety sectors across Dubai and Abu Dhabi and discussed hot weather use of the equipment with some of Dubai’s leading marine servicing customers. They face the challenge of conducting annual certification checks of ships fire suppression systems in high Summer temperatures; ships bunkering in Fujairah can exceed 45C in the Summer and their problem is added by the short 6 hour visiting time of the ships. Responsible marine servicing companies spend much time preparing the CO2 rooms and we are proud to be supporting them.

Several customers have developed a fleet of different Portalevel™ model types and we spent time with some of them to upgrade them to Portalevel™ MAX commonality. Our new Portalevel™ Datalogger enables the owning company to retain a record of his service technicians liquid level readings – up to 1000 – and add these into a customer report alongside the maintenance report. Our team was very proud to be supporting these high quality companies there.

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