Designed to be the cheapest Portable Liquid Level Indicator in the world Portalevel™ Original uses the same 15 year old baseline technology from the original Portalevel™ in an updated format. Portalevel OriginalRecognising that there are customers who cannot afford or do not need the advanced capabilities of some of our higher model types the unit is designed as a quality and fit-for-purpose product for fire suppression system contents monitoring.

Mr George Hunter, Director of Sales, says, “People understand that the newer models are better, but if a customer really cannot afford a high-end model or if they simply do not need it, then they can still access a quality product in Portalevel™ Original. In line with our commitment to support customers for the life-cycle of our products, they can use trade-in credits on the value of this unit and use them to purchase higher model types at any time later.”