London Climate Action Week

During London Climate Action Week, it is a good time to celebrate innovative new technology available to support the energy mix and the focus on making a commitment to a clean powered future. For Coltraco Ultrasonics who have supplied the conventional fossil fuel energy generation sector for 30 years and it is a delight to see their customers diversifying into clean, green and renewable sources – most notably wind power both onshore and offshore.

Coltraco Ultrasonics are proud that the UK champions clean energy. With brand new records of 16 days coal-free, the UK is leading the way in reducing carbon emissions.  The UK was one of the first countries to recognise and act on the economic and security threats of climate change. The Climate Change Act, passed in 2008, committed the UK to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050 when compared to 1990 levels, through a process of setting 5 year caps on greenhouse gas emissions termed ‘Carbon Budgets’. This approach has now been used as a model for action across the world, and is mirrored by the United Nations’ Paris Agreement. Coltraco Ultrasonics proudly support the British Government’s commitment to make the United Kingdom the first country in the world to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

Coltraco Ultrasonics is committed to cutting carbon emissions to play their part in this need for change. Proud to comply with ISO 14001 standards for the environmental management of systems, Coltraco reuse, recycle and use recycled products where possible. Coltraco intend to have minimal non-recyclable or biodegradable plastics in our packaging and in new materials to be eco-friendly. 

In 2019 our senior management committed to: “researching new ways to recycle our old products which customers send back when they upgrade to the latest model. We are determined to minimise our impact on our immediate and global environment. We are excited to launch this initiative later this year.” 

Moreover, by operating in the wind sector Coltraco feel that in a small way they will contribute to a carbon-free fuelled future. Coltraco are proud to be a part of the UK’s renewable energy sector via our work supporting leading wind turbine operator to improve their fire safety. 

As part of their commitment, Coltraco joined Renewable UK in 2018, the UK’s leading renewable energy trade association and are involved in Onshore wind, Offshore wind and Supply Chain Member Forums. Wind farms provided a record 17.1% of the UK's electricity last year (2018), with renewables now powering a third of demand. 

Furthermore, Coltraco’s technology is also designed to be environmentally friendly. For example, the Portascanner® WATERTIGHT is an ultrasonic watertight integrity tester. Traditional methods of testing via “hose testing” which consists of a nozzle of 12mm diameter is sprayed from a distance of 1 to 1.5 meters with a water jet pressure of 0.5 ms-1 This is damaging to the environment due to the waste water used and the pollutants that run off, into the sea.  Traditional methods of testing cylinders were using a radioactive ultrasonic liquid level indicator. Although these are mostly banned, some countries do still legalise the use of the radioactive units. Our ultrasonic technology is non–damaging to the environment and to the people using them.

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