Committed to Science

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Coltraco Ultrasonics is committed to working with gifted Scientists such as Mr Sam Watson our Head of Research & Development. Mr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter, CEO of Coltraco says, “Sam is a shining example of personal and scientific leadership and has an ability to apply, guide, lead and re-orient when required. Sam applies our vision of excellence and our recognition that science is at the core of who we are.”

Mr Sam Watson comments, “Working with Coltraco has allowed me to stay close for my passion for good science while expanding and developing my leadership skills across a broad range of sectors. Working on such a broad range of projects for industries around the world is challenging, but the drive and focus of Coltraco to innovate and also to be leaders in change is an inspiring mission. I have found my own values and Coltraco’s align, and being able to apply good science practice to increase the safety and maintenance standards around the world is a phenomenal opportunity.