Another first of its kind!

Our Director of Sales, George Hunter shares an exciting update about our Portascanner® WATERTIGHT

“Coltraco Ultrasonics have long been leaders in providing equipment for identifying critical leak sites in a variety of watertight & airtight seals. We have been particularly successful in using this equipment for testing bulk carrier hatch covers, watertight doors and cable transit areas in numerous different environments.”

portascanner watertight multiple cable transit door

Get ahead of changing regulations IACS Z28

Coming into effect later in 2021, IACS Z28 will require that all Offshore structures must keep a log of all the Multiple Cable Transits in the structure, referred to as a ‘Cable Transit Seal System Register’.

  • This must include information on each cable transit installed, the certification and instruction, drawings and other relevant information from the manufacturer on the Seal itself.
  • This must also include inspection information and any details of any subsequent repair or modification made to the MCT.

Time to choose world-leading cable transit seal inspection

The Portascanner® WATERTIGHT has been used for years as a method of inspecting multiple cable transits. Using ultrasonic technology, you can identify the exact location and severity of any leaks in airtight or watertight seals. This is far more efficient compared to high pressure air or water tests, is more accurate and cheaper. It is ABS Approved, easy to use for all crew members alike and the most mathematically accurate of its kind.

multiple cable transit sealing system arrangement inspection

Launching soon...

Soon Coltraco Ultrasonics will be launching a variant of the Portascanner® which can be stationed onboard, and used as a digital storage and inspection platform, allowing vessels to comply with Z28.

This is the first and only unit of its type globally and will be launching soon!

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    We are experts in MCT sealing inspection

    Portascanner® WATERTIGHT effectively inspects multiple cable transits, also called MCTs,transit areas, cable glands, cable trunks or multi cable transit system, multi cable and pipe transit, cable penetrations.

    See this news story from 2014 for example. Or read about the other areas you can use Portascanner WATERTIGHT like hatch-covers and watertight doors and weathertight doors here.

    Finally, dont just listen to us, read this 5* Customer Review from Captain John Holmes about using the Portascanner WATERTIGHT at sea.

    Portascanner WATERTIGHT multiple cable transit Safety At Sea Award