At the heart of our media relationships is the special one we enjoy with Hand Media, an innovative international publisher of a variety of magazines and media platforms. Over the years Hand Media have identified our growth as a technologies company engaged in the monitoring of clean agent extinguishing systems through International Fire Buyer. It is to Mr Chris Lingham to whom we thank for identifying and creating this opportunity and to Mr David Rossiter for creating the strategic opportunity between our organisations.

Mr David Rossiter, Managing Director and Owner of Hand Media Limited says, ‘As an independent global publisher we have the honour to represent ourselves to many clients in differing markets, one of our most valued relationships is with Coltraco Ultrasonics, a technologies company at the heart of monitoring clean agents in fire safety and marine and offshore structures, and with whom we have a close working relationship. As a business owner, it is these close business relationships that help form the bedrock upon which we build our business as we well as those of our clients … a true partnership. This is a key part of our business philosophy. We are delighted to have such a relationship with Coltraco and we are proud to be associated with their business.

Dr Carl Stephen Patrick Hunter, CEO of Coltraco Ultrasonics says, “We admire fine writing as a reflection of fine thought. Hand Media deliver this. To think clearly is the first step towards innovation. Whilst we are fortunate to be able to innovate, we need the means to communicate its achievement and value. As we become at the heart of monitoring clean agent suppression systems or Naval, marine and offshore structures, so too do we need to develop our Communications skills and capabilities to a level in which we can influence change and deliver Safesite™ facilities and Safeship™ environments. David Rossiter and his team are a shining example of excellence in publishing and we look forward to developing our relationship with Chris and David as we become an essential part of the customers we serve and the need to communicate with them, the industries that they are a part of and their Governments too.”