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Chinese Data Centre Bao Cloud Chooses to Protect Critical Assets from Fire Risk

The main causes of fire in data centres are from servers overheating and electrical faults. That is why gaseous fire extinguishing systems are needed to protect their vital infrastructure. These fixed fire suppression systems protect important data centres against special hazards, fundamental for the safeguarding of critical facilities.

Shanghai Fire Regulation

These gaseous fire extinguishing systems need monitoring and it is demanded by the regulations. The Shanghai Engineering Construction Code – Technical Standard for Internet of Things System of Fire Protection Facilities,  Article 4.6.2, stresses that the sensing settings of the gas fire extinguishing system and carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system IoT monitoring should meet the following requirements:

  1. Manual and automatic actuation information on gas fire control panels and information on system alarms, discharges and malfunctions shall be collected and displayed.
  2. System pressure leak sensor and extinguishing agent mass sensor should be installed.
  3. An airtight sensor in the protection enclosure area should be provided.


  1. 应采集显示气体灭火控制盘手动和自动的信息和系统报警,喷放和故障的信息。
  2. 应设置系统压力泄露传感器,灭火剂质量传感器。
  3. 宜设置气体防护区域的气密传感器。

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