Our commitment to Asia continues. We are pleased to confirm that the HKFSD mandates that every fire company in Hong Kong requires to have a Portalevel™ liquid level indicator as part of their licensing requirement in GENERAL SPECIFICATION FOR FIRE SERVICE INSTALLATION IN GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS OF THE HONG KONG SPECIAL ADMINISTRATIVE REGION. B5.8 GAS CYLINDERS A device shall be supplied and installed for measuring the amount of liquid in the cylinder at any time. This shall be done by a method which does not require the cylinder to be detached from the manifold. The contents of the cylinders may alternatively be checked by the use of a liquid level indicator of a type approved by the Architect. Portalevel™ is approved for use as it is a listed product just as it is in ISO 14520. Hong Kong means much to us. Our CEO used to live on the 26th floor of this building, occupying two sides of it indeed and, on a light-hearted note, is now a Senior Guest of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel after 25 years of staying there.