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During COVID-19, businesses that can, must lead the way in continuing positive British innovation. Those of us in business who can, should now accelerate our efforts to support our employees, and continue to design, manufacture, sell and export. At Coltraco Ultrasonics we continue to propel forward our Research & Development projects and are proud to be launching new products during the crisis, notably the Portatank® – the brand new portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator for inspecting industrial tanks up to 15 metres diameter.

Tanks are used across a range of industries including chemical and food, process and system engineering. Measuring the amount of liquid present inside a storage vessel, pressure vessel or tank is a common requirement in the process control sectors. The scale of demand in the process industry requires innovative technology, so that manufacturing remains smart and efficient.  The latest innovation from Coltraco Ultrasonics, Portatank® is the ideal solution for non-invasively identifying levels of water and clean liquids in large industrial tanks. The Portatank® is a handheld ultrasonic tool to accurately identify the level of liquid contents in large containers safely, quickly and easily.Unlike traditional methods of testing, the Portatank® boasts its core capability of non-invasive testing.  The Portatank® measures levels of fluids, particularly hazardous liquids, where the tank cannot be opened for safety reasons and a float gauge cannot be installed. With external, non-invasive, non-intrusive technology, the Portatank® is suitable for testing hazardous liquids without the risk of contaminating the liquid. As the liquid storage system is undisturbed during testing, with no removal of lids needed, risk is reduced for the tester. The unit has a straightforward testing process, requiring only the simple application of the sensor to the external container wall. This protects the operator from the health and safety problems that are presented through invasive methods as well as increasing efficiency. Using Ultrasonics is non-invasive, robust, easy to use and avoids the risk of harm to site engineers.

As an example, Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) can present challenges to efficient monitoring of liquid contents. IBCs are reusable storage tanks which commonly carry circa 1,040 litres, however there is often a lack of confidence in the internal IBC monitoring systems. Most of the time, manual verification is needed for the contents and amounts in IBCs. One such manual verification method is simply , opening the top valve of IBCs for the physical dip stick measurement which can create risk  to the person testing and also of contamination. As a solution, the Portatank® is ideal because it is non-invasive and able to identify levels of liquids in large industrial tanks and IBCs of diameter range: 0.5 – 15 metres.Designed to increase process efficiency, the handheld portable Portatank® requires no installation time or cost. With clear LIQUID / NO LIQUID result, the Portatank® is accurate to +/- 10mm, providing the plant a safe, quick and accurate method to monitor contents. The non-invasive technology also means there is no downtime, as liquid level measurement can be taken when the tank systems are “live”. This adaptable technology can work with liquid levels that fluctuate over time, as well as test a wide range of tanks and liquids. Coltraco’s equipment is designed to improve safety and best practice, ensuring the equipment used to conduct inspect tanks is accurate and efficient.

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