How can the Portasteele® CALCULATOR assist offshore safety management systems?

The Portasteele® Calculator is the first system of its kind.  By converting the liquid level height of CO2, NOVEC™ 1230, FM-200™and other liquefied gaseous readings taken with a UL-listed Portalevel® MAX, the Portasteele® Calculator is able to calculate the exact mass/weight of the agent inside any cylinder and caters mathematically for temperature variations. The Portalevel® MAX is an 8th generation ultrasonic liquid level indicator identifies the contents of CO2, FM-200®, NOVEC™1230, FE-13, FE-25 & FE-36, Halon and a variety of similar liquid gaseous fire suppression agents, as well as most oil and water based substances, amongst other special applications. Traditional contents checking involves manual dismantling and manually weighing the cylinders which is time-consuming (approx. 15 mins per cylinder), poses risks to breaking the manifold and connecting components and possible injury or even fatality to the personnel involved. Portasteele™ Calculator removes the risks and enables contents verification in approx. 60 seconds. Decreasing the time to regularly and effectively test cylinder agent weights, when paired with a liquid level indicator, Portasteele® reduces the inconvenience and costly man hours of testing.

The Portasteele® offers unparalleled efficiency and ease of maintenance. The Portalevel have been successfully deployed in both onshore and offshore applications including most of the North Sea’s 160 platforms.  Due to the flexible nature of software applications, the device can be even updated with improved editions in the future. The Portasteele™ Calculator provides an unparalleled solution to efficiently servicing gaseous extinguishing systems. The Portasteele™ Calculator is based on a stand-alone 7” tablet computer which makes calculations in real time, allowing the software to be used immediately in the field. There is more time to perform more frequent checks without the dangers of weighing, such as accidental explosive discharge, strain related injuries to crew and the great fire danger to an oil rig during testing when the system is disarmed. In the long term, the acquisition of Portasteele™ into offshore platforms, oil tankers etc. will improve overall safety and reduce cost associated with the maintenance of fire suppression systems. When these fire systems are properly maintained, the cost associated with fire damage is likely to reduce dramatically as we know fire damages on these hazardous environments are generally catastrophic to the asset, lives, environment and company reputation.

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