Advantages with Coltraco Ultrasonics Limited

Coltraco Ultrasonics has introduced the Portapipe®, which is a portable ultrasonic piperwork integrity test indicator. Coltraco Ultrasonics was founded in 1987. Coltraco Ultrasonic specialise in producing one of the outclass range ofultrasonic flow meter, ultrasonic liquid indicator, ultrasonic bearing indicator, ultrasonic gaseous constant monitoring system, ultrasonic thickness gauge, hatch cover tester, ultrasonic pipework integrity test indicator and semi fixed watertight integrity test system.

Three Advantages with Coltraco Portapipe®

World Class Accuracy

The most mathematically accurate unit of its type locating a 1mm leak site via visual and audible readings and identifying its extent with a definitive numerical result. This device can test for faults and leaks in 10-50mm diameter pipe, 1mm up to 12m range and 1mm+ at longer range.

Quick and Convenient

It is a simple solution with few limitations and easy to learn how to operate. One person if required handles the testing done through this ultrasonic pipework integrity test indicator.Giving a thorough corrosion evaluation over a short period of time.

Comprehensive Analysis

Evaluation of multiple different areas along the pipe is possible with ultrasonic inspection. This increases the reliability in the pipeline analysis, thereby giving a better picture of problems areas in the system.

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