Advantages offered by Coltraco with Ultrasonic Hatch Cover Tester

Since 1987, Coltraco Ultrasonics has been designing and manufacturing ultrasonic instrumentation for safety and servicing.

Our Commitment to Science

We are committed to designing and manufacturing the most mathematically accurate products and systems globally, supported by the highest standards of technical support and customer care.

Our Commitment to Safety

We are dedicated to being a Safeship® and Safesite® company, encouraging safety for safety’s sake. Our Portascanner® is part of our range of products and systems which are all designed to offer alternative methods to traditional means of testing, for example fire suppression systems, watertight integrity testing, flow testing and more.


Our Portascanner® is carefully hand built and undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure it meets the high standards expected by our customers, and to provide them with long-term reliability.

After Sales Options by Coltraco

Permascanner® Dynamic

We are committed to developing continuous monitoring solutions especially for hatch cover maintenance. This will enable the hatch-covers to be tested whilst on voyage at sea to see how the vessel is responding to the dynamic sea states.

Optional Accessories

Extended Hi-Life Generator Additional standard generators can be used when testing large holds and the Extended Hi-Life Permascanner® Generators can provide up to 10-daysʼ continuous testing whilst at sea.

Interactive Training Programme

We have developed a programme to educate users (particularly non-native English speakers) quickly and simply on how to use our equipment.


Opt in package provides through-life maintenance support, enabling customers to cap the cost of ownership and optimise operational availability. For one annual fee, Coltraco will cover all repairs and calibration costs, and the customer is guaranteed priority assistance in spares and repairs. In the event of component obsolescence, Coltraco guarantees to exchange the unit for a like-for-like model type at no additional charge.

The Portacare package does not cover customer-induced damage but as a Portacare customer you have priority to repairs and spares with a 25% discount. Upgrade to Portacare TMSS PREMIER, which covers all repairs, calibration, and guarantees an advance-exchanged unit is always ready-to-ship.

This makes hatch cover tester to be

flawless for checking leaks or accuracy of zero percent ingression in the cargo/ ship on voyage.

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