Benefits of Portapipe®, Pipework Integrity Tester

  • Simple

Highly intuitive operation enabling regular testing

  • Portable

Multiple readings can be made using one device at no extra cost, making it a great value for money product.

  • Low Cost

Multiple readings can be made using one device at no extra cost

  • No Training Costs

Free-of-charge online, telephone and email training support through- life.

  • Cost Effective

The most mathematically accurate watertight integrity test indicator with dual decibel & linear display

  • Instant Results

User receives instant feedback regarding the focused area.

  • Greater Testing average

The ability to test multiple locations throughout the pipes length provides a more reliable thorough view of the integrity of the system.

  • Focus at Problem Areas

The user can target suspected areas in more detail

  • Non-Destructive

The testing method causes no damage to the existing system.

  • Operating Method of Coltraco Portapipe®

The Portapipe® by Coltraco has two main components: a generator and receiver with two wands. The generator of this portable ultrasonic pipework integrity test indicator is attached to the detection rod; the rod is then sealed into the opening of a drained pipe system using the sealing plug.

The ultrasonic generator is then switched on and emits a specific frequency of ultrasound (40,000 Hz). The operator then uses the receiver at multiple locals along the pipe's length in order to indicate the integrity of the pipe's structure. Results: A higher reading will be seen at a leak or weak area.

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