Markets Coltraco Ultrasonics Operate In

Oil & Gas

We have units in operation on rigs, platforms and offshore support vessels around the globe, notably on approximately 160 of the North Sea rigs overtime, as well as with onshore drilling, exploration and production operations. Portalevel® MAX provides drilling operators, contractors and owners, down to the OIMs and barge managers with the assurance and confidence that their fire suppression systems are operating under an enhanced safety management plan.


Coltraco’s history is steeped in the Marine sector and Toda Ship Owners, Managers and Operators, Port Authorities, P&I Clubs, Towage & Salvage Operators, Shipyards and Service Stations and Marine Surveyors are among our key customers around the world. We have developed products and diversified our range to serve our customers’ needs and Portalevel® MAX is our latest upgrade.

Fire Protection

The Portalevel has been leading in the fire safety and protection sector since we first invented it in1987 and with the 8th generation model Portalevel MAX, we are pleased to offer an enhanced means of testing and certifying fire suppression systems. This ultrasonic liquid level indicator uses safe and clean technology. Portalevel® MAX aims to reduce time and cost; it is a must-have tool for fire system protection and we have the technical know-how and credentials to verify this

Power Generation

Power plants, transmission sub-stations and distribution networks need to minimize the risks of fire at all costs. For safety critical areas such as nuclear power generation, and the conventional fossil fuel power generation, Portalevel® MAX provides a further means of improving the safety management and preventative maintenance procedures of the fire suppression systems.


Government organizations and Defense forces around the globe, particularly Naval Forces and Coast Guards, have been using Coltraco equipment for over 20 years. These capabilities are focused upon Safety & Survey applications such as monitoring Naval vessel and Fleet Auxiliary vessel Halon 1301, typically using Portalevel to monitor contents of FM-Halon, FM-200™, CO2 & NOVEC™ 1230 systems.

The Two Principles

If you are an end user, to provide an additional means to check your systems more frequently, outside the regulatory certification checks and enhance your safety management, this ultrasonic level indicator is the best choice.

If you are a servicing company, to conduct certified testing in compliance with regulations, the Portalevel is approved and certified with proven accuracy up to +/-1.5mm and to save 75% of the time to complete testing when compared to weighing cylinders. Moreover, data centres, telecommunications centres, High Rise Buildings, MTR rooms, and others are good for this device to measure the liquid levels.
Please Download PDF for further information or contact Coltraco’s Customer Service, if you want to know if Portalevel® MAX will work with your applications.

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