How do crew ensure that CO2 contents exist?

A ships fixed extinguishing system protects the machinery spaces. They allow an engine room fire to be responded to, with minimal risk to the vessels crew. However, the fixed extinguishing system has to be used properly and for this, maintenance is essential. Too often CO2 has been discharged without securing openings to the fire area first. The CO2 will leak through them aided by the thermal currents from the fire. A 2017 Gard publication states that, “Emergency response to engine room fires can be .. more efficient if the crew is properly trained in the safe use of the ships fire extinguishing system.. For the typical engine room fire involving flammable liquids it is important to introduce the required quantities of CO2 quickly to limit the escalation of the fire…The extinguishing capabilities of gas can be compromised if the integrity and tightness of the boundaries of the protected space are not sound … by excessive leakage of gas through open or improperly closed doors, vents or ventilation ducts.” If the seals to any of these are not sound, closing them will not entirely deal with this problem.

The crew have to ensure that the  CO2 or Marine CO2 Systems contents exist, that the protected space can be sealed and that the pipework used to discharge the CO2 are clear of particulates that can clog up the nozzles and reduce the required design concentration of CO2 (or any clean agent such as NOVEC™ 1230 ) to the point where it cannot deal with the fire event.

To ensure mitigation of the risks posed by unsuccessful discharge of marine fire extinghusing systems, a cheap and effective solution is to apply the IMO SOLAS FSS code by using innovative technology to ensure that the crew can test the contents of each CO2 cylinder in less than 30 seconds as part of routine maintenance. Gaseous Systems are highly pressurised at 49Bar or 720 psi and can leak as they exist in a dynamic state. Anecdotal evidence suggests that 20% of cylinders aboard ships are partialy empty or empty. This is why we believe that Portalevel® MAX Marine Engine Room Firecheck deserves recognition by the Safety at Sea award.

Portalevel® MAX Marine ultrasonic level indicator is an  8th generation hand-held ultrasonic liquid level indicator from Coltraco Ultrasonics with ABS Type Approval. This core product centres the Engine Room Firecheck package. Many people are still unaware of this method for testing the fixed fire extinguishing systems onboard vessels and instead rely on the traditional method of weighing or neglect to test the contents of ships CO2 systems until the annual certification check by shore-based contractors. The Portalevel® MAX Marine is an innovative and crew-safe method

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