How to Protect Your Vessel From Gaseous Extinguishing Agent Leakage Whilst At Sea

To prevent fires, regulations require installation of a fixed fire protection system and annual maintenance by a licensed servicing company to check its condition. Following from the above it is now possible to go above and beyond the regulation requirement of annual maintenance which may not be sufficient to cover the remaining periods when the vessel is out at sea alone. The idea of continuous monitoring of fire suppression systems has been made possible and is done by non-invasive ultrasonic liquid level monitoring of the contents within the fire suppression cylinders. This ensures the quantity of agent required to extinguish a fire is always at its designed concentration to guarantee an efficacious fire protection in the event of a fire breaking out in the vessel.

With the usage of ultrasonic technology, Coltraco Ltd has capable to lead the continuous fire suppression monitoring system. Primarily produced in 2003, Permalevel was introduced importantly to facilitate UK Nuclear in order to monitor the system constantly. Today, it has other two lines as well, which are associated with its descriptions named as Permalevel Single Point® and Permalevel Multiplex®. Permalevel® is considered to be an accurate and reliable measuring ultrasonic leak detector. Here, we have provided you with the major features of Permalevel® Multiplex:

  • Multiple Alarm Levels:

2 -40mA Relay Alarms are actually connected to all the channels whereas it permits local alarms to organize for each cylinder individually.

  • Status of each channel shown by LEDs:

A set of red and green LED lights specify the status of every cylinder which facilitate a team for maintenance which are responsible to check for the cylinders in case any leakages are absorbed.

  • Optional Text/Email Alerts:

This helps in convenient and instantaneous form of data communication.

  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS):

It acts as a backup system, which helps in providing power by using AA 1.5V batteries in case the failure occurs of the main power.

  • Data logging Ability:

The software keeps logs of system errors, system activity and alarm triggers for every month. Due to the storage of these logs as simple texts files, they can be easily and conveniently viewed from outside and inside of the software. This is really helpful and advantageous for insurance companies due to the permanent and correct record of the functioning system accurately.

  • Strong Magnets:

These are beneficial to stick the sensors in place along with extra space for adhesive and a strap, which ensures the risk of accidentally removing of sensors.

  • Sensors:

Dedicated sensors are available with each monitoring point, which is connected to the particular cylinder for monitoring purposes.

  • Remote Real Time Monitoring Screen:

It gives off the information about the current condition of the cylinders in regards to the last contact have been made.

  • Compatible with Multiple Cylinder Types:

Tuning of every channel is individually possible. Moreover, it is done because every cylinder can be different from the last one in weight, size, and pressure and agent type.

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