How do you use the Portalevel® MAX?

The Portalevel® MAX has been specifically designed to be as easy, simple and definitive for a user to operate as possible. Simple touch buttons operate the controls and a digital screen provides clear and definitive results to the user. The 7 steps below outline the simple testing process. Further technical support regarding ultrasonic liquid level indicator is available to all customers.

  • Attach the sensor to the main Portalevel® MAX, switch the unit on and ensure the “Battery Low” Indication is not showing.
  • Depending on the condition of the cylinder, some couplet may need to be applied to the side of the cylinder; this could be in the form of Water spray, Ultrasonic Gel or an Oil & Water mix depending on what is easily accessible. This is not always essential and they all accomplish the required results.
  • Place the senor towards the top of the cylinder and engage the “CAL” feature. This will set the unit to that particular cylinder, catering for the material thickness, paint or surface covering.
  • When engaging the “CAL” feature, the Bar Graph on the screen will extend all the way to the right and the numbers will read high values.
  • The user should then move the sensor down the cylinder in small steps, making sure not to drag the sensor down the cylinder face.
  • When the sensor passes the level mark, the numbers will drop dramatically and the Bar graph will reduce all the way to the left. It is this change in display readings, which identifies the difference between Air (above Level) and Liquid (below Level) in a cylinder.
  • Through moving the sensor up in smaller steps, one can accurately pinpoint the exact liquid level location.

Graphical Presentation of Portalevel Max 8th Generation

This ultrasonic liquid level indicator is designed primarily to meet your measuring requirements of liquid levels enclosed in cylinders. We have developed a graphical presentation for you below to help you run yours without any fatigue, which you can find at liquid level indicator page.

Approvals for Coltraco Ultrasonic Level Indicator

Moreover, for your convenience and comfort, we have mentioned the list of approvals this device possesses:

  • Assembled under IPC-A-610 American national standards, institute protocols and Full ESD electrostatic discharge protocols; Finished with lead-free Rohs compliant Tin/Copper SN100C patented solder
  • Environmental metal enclosure rated to IP65
  • UL Approved and Certified manufactured Circuit Boards to UL specifications
  • RINA Classification Society Approved
  • UK Government CAGE Code KD983
  • P/N: 2290334-COMX
  • UL Approval Certificate Number: 20140310-E455148

To know more about Portalevel Max 8th Generation, download PDF

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