What is the Permalevel® Multiplex?

Permalevel® Multiplex is the first system worldwide that is capable of monitoring the liquid level of critical fire suppression cylinder systems on a constant basis. It gives a facility total visibility on the real-time status of all their critical fire systems.

Modern fire suppression systems have transformed industry safety across all sectors. However, the development of their servicing and monitoring equipment has remained stagnant, with many very advanced systems relying totally on annual inspections, or on unreliable mechanical pressure gauges. These methods leave the status of fire suppression systems completely vulnerable between annual checks.

Coltraco are raising awareness that annual certification checks on a fire system cannot cater for the need to monitor its contents for the rest of the year. The Permalevel Multiplex is designed to ensure that fire suppression systems with integrated alarm system and ultrasonic level indicator are always fully operational and that no accidental discharge has occurred, which could affect the effectiveness of the overall fire protection system in the event that it is required for use.

Permalevel Multiplex Data Monitoring

Remotely monitor the ongoing status of your facilities' fire suppression systems by installing Permalevel Multiplex and using our flexible web- based cylinder monitoring software that uses intuitive management tools; giving confidence and control to safety managers around the world.

Asset Management

It protects your people, data, and high value assets by improving your safety management regimes by going above and beyond simply complying with regulations


This system with installed liquid level indicator reduces the need for labour by introducing remote, autonomous monitoring; the systems is mobile-device friendly so it is readily available on any hand-held device with web access


This fire extinguishing system protect yourself against claims raised in the event of fire by showing your facilities have been protected and well maintained. The data output is audit controlled which thereby acts as evidence if called upon by insurance companies.

Real-time automated alerts and exception reporting are relayed to the person in charge of the safety of the facility directly by email or to their handheld device by SMS, without the need for the individual to be present at the facilities.

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