Sinking and Fire are the Two Main Causes of Vessel Loss

Aforementioned, sinking and fire are the two main causes of vessel loss; mitigating these risks is our mission.
A lack of proper servicing of seals can lead to deterioration which endangers the lives of the crew, cargo and vessel. For example, the National Transportation Safety Board concluded that gaps in safety management contributed to the sinking of the El Faro. One of the significant issues was “poor watertight integrity which allowed seawater into the ship” stating that this accident may have been avoided if “crew had more information about the status of the hatches”. The tragedy of El Faro exemplifies why it is crucial for the watertight integrity of vessels to be regularly and easily tested by the crew. The importance of continually maintaining seal integrity must take a more prominent position in ship maintenance scheduling.

The IMO SOLAS Fire Safety Systems (FSS) code states clearly that the crew must have the means on-board to test its CO2 in-between the annual maintenance interval. The amount of CO2 designed into the system normally exceeds the design concentration calculated to extinguish the worst event by 20%. Gaseous Systems are highly pressurised at 49Bar or 720 psi and can leak as they exist in a dynamic state. Anecdotal evidence suggests that 20% of cylinders aboard ships are partially empty or empty. To ensure the CO2 system contains the correct amount of CO2 to deliver the design concentration that will be needed to extinguish the fire event if it occurs, ships need to test their CO2 systems for contents in-between the annual certification checks by marine servicing companies.

The initiative will continue to work over the longer term by ensuring regulations are implemented and encouraging operators, owners and managers to go above and beyond to secure the Safeship® through minimising risk. Coltraco Ultrasonics focus on benefitting the crew; designing innovative ultrasonic solutions which promote safety culture, which the crew will be happy to use by being easy to operate, quick, accurate and a better method to traditional techniques. This can be in-between the statutory annual maintenance and certification intervals provided by shore-based contractors. Thus, increasing the likelihood of tests being regularly conducted, in line with regulations and even going above and beyond for more frequent testing. By so doing, the crew will be creating a safer ship.

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