Technical Features of the Portasonic® FLOW

One of the key challenges facing businesses worldwide is balancing business continuity with maintenance costs and downtime. 
Losses from fires in buildings protected with sprinklers are estimated to be 1/10 of those in unprotected buildings. For life safety, new residential blocks over 30m high must be fitted with sprinklers to meet Approved Document B standards. There are a number of issues to be considered in regard to maintenance such as corrosion, flow rate and obstructions that may adversely affect the effectiveness of a fire sprinkler system.  Nozzle blockages are a serious safety risk because they have serious impact on the functionality of the system which thus increases the risk of an uncontrollable fire. The HSE have reported that no matter what material the pipework is constructed in, the impact will still occur. The NFPA highlighted in their 2013 report that damaged fire sprinkler systems due to a lack of maintenance is a major problem as their effectiveness is compromised.

Coltraco Ultrasonics Ltd, a UK based OEM of ultrasonic monitoring equipment, have launched the Portasonic®: a non-invasive ultrasonic tool that provides accurate flow measurement from outside of the sprinkler pipe, with no pressure drop and no contamination. 

Portasonic® is easy to use and is proven to reduce maintenance time and costs. It can also be used for testing fire hydrants. Sprinkler heads are spaced, so that if one or more operate there is always sufficient flow of water. The flow is calculated so that there is always enough to control a fire taking into account the size and construction of the building and the goods stored in it or its use. Accurate flow data provides the chance to make energy saving measures by fine tuning the systems. The Portasonic can measure this through self-adapting proprietary signal quality tracking, allowing the device to automatically optimally adapt to the pipe material and flow profile in both directions.

Some customers operate in specific environment where the presence of potential chances of checking the non-invasive flow meter. Examples of this can include Oil and Gas Drilling, Petrochemical Refining and processing, Fuel Storage, Chemical manufacturing and many similar environments. To cater for such customers who need to inspect fire systems in such environments, we have developed the non-invasive flow meter.

Technical Specifications of Portasonic®

Here, we have enlisted technical specs available with this ultrasonic flow meter. Give it a look!


  • Height: 204mm
  • Width: 100mm
  • Weight: 600grams
  • Depth: 35mm

Verifiable Agents

Virtually any liquid containing less than 2% total suspended solids or aeration


±1.0%-2.0% of reading at rates >0.5 m/s ±0.003 m/s of reading at rates

Ultrasonic Transducer Head x2

  • 42x25x25mm or 60x43x43 mm or 80x53x53mm diameter head
  • Contained within a IP67 protective casing;
  • Cable length Std: 4m (12ft); (optional 25m (75ft)

Power Supply

  • 2 AAA Ni-H built-in batteries (battery life approximately 12 hours)
  • 1 x Charger 100V-240VAC

Operating Temperature

Std. Temp. Transducer: -40C ~ 121C (-40F ~ 250F) High Temp. Transducer: -40C ~ 250C (-40F ~ 484F)


Backlit LCD 4 line×16 character, English menu.

Standard displays:

  • Total flow
  • Flow Rate
  • Velocity
  • Meter running status etc


OCT Pulse, Relay, RS232C or RS484 Hart +(4~20mA), Modbus


Flow Rate: 0.001 ft/s (0.0003 m/s)


  • Main Unit: 1 Years Warranty
  • Lifetime Customer Support

Portalevel Content

  • 1 Portasonic unit
  • 1 Clamp-on Sensor & Cables
  • 1 Hardy Carrying Case
  • Calibration certificate
  • Operating Instructions
  • Sensor couplant (gel)

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