Testing Room Integrity with Coltraco Ultrasonic

The Portascanner 520 is an ultrasonic room integrity tester, which complements door fan-testing device. Here are some of the features for complying with regulations for clean agent fire suppressing systems, give it a look!

Current Situation:

Before installing clean agent fire suppressing systems the integrity of the building structure commonly undergoes “Door Fan Testing:. This test determines the Peak Pressure and Agent hold time necessary for ensuring the effectiveness of these fire suppression systems. As required by NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520 standards, it is best to calculate the overall leakage of any room.


Locating exact leak sites as an ultrasonic leak detector is currently done by a “puffer test” with smoke. However, such current methods do no provide precise, accurate results on leak location or size.


Today, the industry can benefit from using the Portascanner Integrity Test Indicator along the door fan testing for a complete and comprehensive regulatory room test. Ideal for precise leak detection, Portascanner 520 is an exceptionally accurate up to 0.06mm and fast method to find leaks. It is the first of its kind, intuitive to use, non-invasive and consequently, is of immediate use to the fire industry.

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