Worlds first and only: weight measurement from liquid level reading

The Portasteele Calculator is a type of stand alone unit, which is based on a 7’’ hand-held tablet. The application converts the liquid level obtained with any Portalevel™ unit into the exact fill-weight of agent inside the cylinder.

The Portasteele™ Calculator calculates the fill weight of a fire suppression cylinder. It does this using the fill level determined by our Portalevel® unit, or inversely using the required fill level for a certain weight of suppression agent. The Portasteele® Calculator is sold as a stand-alone unit on a 7’’ hand-held tablet to be used in conjunction with our Portalevel range. This Continuous gas weight monitoring system is capable of converting the liquid level obtained with any Portalevel™ unit, into the exact fill-weight of agent inside the cylinder. It therefore replaces the use of manual calculations and formulas.

Why buy from Coltraco Limited?

Let us share few glimpse of our story with you, which majorly focuses on commitment and dedication. Since 1987,Coltraco Ultrasonics has been to safety designing and manufacturing ultrasonic instrumentation for safety and servicing.


The Portasteele® Calculator which is fire suppression cylinder fill weight calculator comes in a ready-to-go-package complete with all items required to carry out liquid level indication with recording capability. The package directly by Coltraco Limited contains main unit, carrying case, sensor set, cables, accessories and instruction manual.

Our Portalevel® Max is part of our range of products and systems which are all designed to offer alternative methods to traditional means of testing, for example fire suppression systems, watertight integrity, flow testing and more. We believe in dedication to being a Safeship™ and Safesite™ company, encouraging safety for safety’s sake.

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