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Permascanner® Dynamic is our semi-fixed ultrasonic watertight integrity test indicating system for the dynamic testing of hatch covers, holds, bulkheads, cable transits and watertight doors and compartments at sea. Derived from its sister product the Portascanner®, Permascanner™ Dynamic is designed to quickly identify leak sites in their extent and precise location, whilst at sea. It was found that a comprehensive, autonomous continuous monitoring system for the watertight integrity of a ship’s cargo hatches, weathertight doors and other seals is possible to be developed. One that is capable of automatically detecting emerging leak sites, alerting officers and crew of the location and severity of the leak site and logging all data for future review. The developments in continuous monitoring technology being undertaken by Coltraco Ultrasonics will drive the industry towards ensuring that watertight integrity is never left to chance.

Using a portable ultrasonic watertight integrity tester, Coltraco Ultrasonics’ Portascanner® functions on similar principles, detecting the smallest leak size 0.06 mm in diameter which is the most mathematically accurate in the world +/-0.02mm. As an example of how a leak will compromise the stability of a vessel, a leak diameter of one mm under just one metres depth of water below sea level will correspond to a leak of 12,500 millilitres per hour. This means up to 911 cans of soft drinks worth of water in a day. This highlights the importance of watertight integrity.

Portascanner® Watertight is ideal for cable transit areas watertight testing whereas considered appropriate for scuttles, shell doors, hatch – covers, doors, flanges and steering gear hatches are the few others. Manufactured within modern terms, it qualifies to cope up with inspection of leak sites of critical sealing.

Technical Specifications of Portascanner® Watertight

Here below are the technical specifications, which you want to know:


It has the capacity to read the audio via head – band electrodynamics headphones and numerical readings through 1 to 31775 through the integrated LCD screen display.


As far as the microphone of this device is concerned, it has a rod measured to be 310 mm*25 mm as length*diameter (2). Moreover, it is comprised of three parts, which are manufactured to be screwed up together and possess a connection by bnC connectors to 1m length co-ax cable.


Portascanner® receiver come with the installed frequency response to 20 – 18000 habitable zone, impedance if 32 Ohms (+/-) 5% Sensitivity – 105 dB SPL at 1 Kilohertz and Adaptor Plug of 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm type.


As far as the display of this device is concerned, this watertight compartment doors testing device comes with a membrane control operating system and LCD backlit Display which measures to be 55*28 mm.

Power Supply

Generator is integrated with 2*PP3 9V which means it makes a span of 10 hours functioning without recharge whereas Receiver Unit comes with 1*PP3 9V battery that also makes the same time span.

Dimensions of Portascanner Watertight Main Unit/ Generator

Main Unit

Width: 82 mm (3.22 inches)
Height: 215 mm (8.46 inches)
Weight: 420 g (14.82 ounces)
Depth: 30 mm (1.18 inches)


It comes with following dimensions mentioned below whereas other than this, it is manufactured with 0.1 Watt / 100 dB unidirectional speakers and mounting method or permanent magnet.

Width: 111 mm (4.37 inches)
Height: 90 mm (3.54 inches)
Weight: 430g (15.17 ounces)
Depth: 50 mm (1.97 inches)

Operating Temperature

This product operates within -20°C to +70°C (68°F to 158°F) flawlessly.

Package Contents of Portascanner® Watertight

In regards to the total number of accessories and parts that should be available in the pinned packing should contain following components:

  • 1 Portascanner watertight
  • 1 generator
  • 1 headphone
  • 1 receiver
  • 1 hardwearing carrying case
  • Calibration Certificate

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