First in the world: Portasteele® CALCULATOR

The assumptions in the installation and maintenance of gaseous extinguishing systems is that they are highly pressurised but risk leaking and discharging. ISO 14520-1:2015 aim to identify their leak identification at an interval of at least every 6 months.  Traditional methods of weighing are laborious and dangerous, taking 15 minutes and two people to weigh a cylinder. To combat this, Coltraco Ultrasonics developed the Portalevel® MAX, an 8th generation ultrasonic level indicator, for identifying the contents of CO2, FM200, NOVEC 1230, FE-13, FE-25 & FE-36, Halon and a variety of similar liquid gaseous fire suppression agents, in just 30 seconds. However these liquid level readings were not weight measurements which is required and does not take into account the effects of temperature.

The Portasteele® CALCULATOR is an advanced calculator application, that converts the liquid level height of C02, NOVEC™ 1230 and FM-200® liquefied gaseous extinguishant agent readings taken on an Portalevel® MAX into the agent weight/mass.  The PortasteeleÒ CALCULATOR is the first in the world to provide agent weight readings without physically weighing the fire suppression cylinders to comply with fire safety regulations. This is a safer, more efficient and cost saving method to service fire cylinders. The PortasteeleÒ CALCULATOR is based on a stand-alone 7” tablet computer which makes calculations in real time and logs the results, allowing the software to be used immediately in the field.

By replacing the use of manual calculation and formulae, Portasteele® CALCULATOR makes the whole process of fire suppression system servicing simple and effective. The technological innovation ensures an entirely user friendly and industry leading device.

The Portasteele® is the first in the world to provide agent weight readings without physically weighing the fire suppression cylinders to comply with fire safety regulations. Coltraco Ultrasonics are the only company able to identify clean agent weight from liquid level readings – allowing a servicing company to go above and beyond regulations.

Coltraco Ultrasonics are the only company in the world who can provide true contents indication through the Portasteele® CALCULATOR. The calculation provided takes into account all environmental factors without requiring an overwhelming excess of information from the user and can provide highly accurate results across the broad range of cylinder types available in the fire protection sector. The Portasteele® CALCULATOR is the only device of its kind on the market. The Portasteele® CALCULATOR accurately converts the liquid level into agent weight and takes into account temperature variation by compensating for it using density changes. The final result is weight, which is unaffected by temperature – something that cannot be achieved by a liquid level indicator alone.

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