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For portable ultrasonic watertight integrity testers, Coltraco has developed the Portascanner® Watertight which is the industry standard in ultrasonic watertight integrity testing. It is accurate to identify leak site apertures to 0.06mm that is a world-leading accuracy and used to ensure watertightness of vessels to protect crew, vessel, cargo and cargo claims. The unit is capable in conducting watertight tests with the cargo in-situ and produces no water run-off that can cause damages to cargo. The unit is light and intuitive to use, with magnetic base to

ease the use of its miniature ultrasound generator.

An extension to this portable unit is the Permascanner Hi-Life® which is an ultrasound generator magnetically attached inside the cargo hold to provide continuous ultrasound signal output. It then works with the Portascanner® Receiver to monitor hatch cover leaks developing on the vessel at sea due to the dynamic forces the vessel experiences and it is sufficient to last journeys for up to 10 days’ voyage time (e.g. Liverpool to New York, 3000 NM). During this period, the generator remains in the hold with battery life sufficient for 10 days. In fair-calm weather, the crew or engineer can go out on deck with the Portascanner® receiver to test the hatches to see how they are reacting in the dynamic conditions of the changing sea, weather and load states. This is beneficial to identify any potential weak seal compressions, ahead of becoming leak sites. Following a period of rough weather, the personnel can also conduct similar tests to determine if water has entered the cargo hold without the need to open the hatch cover. This is the first capability of its type in the world, an innovative solution for constantly monitoring hatch-covers.

For a fixed monitoring system, the Permascanner® Dynamic is Coltraco’s fixed ultrasonic watertight integrity test indicating system for the dynamic testing of hatch covers, holds, bulkheads, cable transits and watertight doors and compartments at sea. Derived from its sister product the Portascanner®, Permascanner™ Dynamic is designed to quickly identify leak sites in their extent and precise location, whilst at sea. It allows a pattern of readings to be recorded against varying sea states, enabling a true picture of the seal integrity to be recorded over time. It fulfils the requirements of a continuous monitoring system as mentioned in the previous section and is the industry’s first ever solution to be introduced into the market.

By greatly reducing the chance of water ingress occurring - it may be possible to save lives, vessel integrity, and cargo at sea - if safer and improved methods of hatch cover testing are implemented. On seafaring vessels and platforms, any doors, hatches and covers on deck are weathertight as, under normal conditions, they will not be submerged and need only prevent water ingress from weather conditions and waves. Internal doors, particularly those which go down the pontoon legs are watertight so sections can be sealed off completely should water ingress occur. The introduction of a continuous watertight integrity monitoring system is the only reliable solution to obtain certainty that the seals are behaving the way they should whether the vessel is at dock or at sea.

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