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Coltraco Ultrasonics develop and manufacture monitoring solutions, to counter the 2 main causes of vessel loss: (1) sinking – testing watertight integrity of hatch-covers, doors and MCTs etc and (2) fire – testing gaseous fire extinguishing installations agent contents, associated pipework and room integrity. These Safeship® solutions save time and cost, whilst enhancing safety of life, assets and vessel at sea. Coltraco Ultrasonics’ core capabilities in fire relate to safety critical and high value environments in which fixed gaseous fire extinguishing systems are used. With respect to fire sfatey there are three main areas : (1) liquefied gaseous agent contents, (2) non-liquefied gaseous agent contents [in development] and their associated pipework, as well as (3) the Room Integrity of the protected space into which the agent discharges. A holistic Safeship® approach. The technological basis is in ultrasonics. Coltraco designs, manufactures and supports a world leading range. Their expertise developed from their flagship invention (the Portalevel® liquid level indicator), to 23 products and 8 constant monitoring systems today. Enabling customers to be in compliance with regulations and go above and beyond for best practice.

Coltraco has developed the Portascanner® Watertight which is the industry standard in ultrasonic watertight integrity testing. The Portascanner® Watertight is used onboard bulk carriers for inspecting the Watertight or Weathertight hatches for leak sites. It is accurate to identify leak site apertures to 0.06mm that is a world-leading accuracy and used to ensure watertightness of vessels to protect crew, vessel, cargo and cargo claims. The unit is capable in conducting watertight tests with the cargo in-situ and produces no water run-off that can cause damages to cargo. The unit is light and intuitive to use, with magnetic base to ease the use of its miniature ultrasound generator. The Portascanner® Watertight has two main components – a generator and receiver. The ultrasound generator emits a specific frequency of ultrasound (40,000 Hz). It is magnetic so can be attached onto a wide range of surfaces within sealed areas. The receiver then picks up the signal and converts it into a result indicating W/T integrity. The magnetic generator can be positioned just inside the hold, on the hatch combing, removing the need to climb down to position the generator at the bottom of the hold on the tank top. It is used by the crew for regular maintenance to dramatically reduce the risk of cargo damage from water ingress, and by Marine surveyors for carrying out P&I, Classification Society or Insurance surveys.

Purpose of Installation of Hatch Cover Tester

  • Connect the Rod and Headphones to the Receiver and place the Generator into the compartment to be tested.
  • Fix the Generator by the magnet to any metallic surface not far from the seal being inspected.
  •  Switch the Generator ‘Onʼ and all the readings will dramatically increase.
  • Leaving the cover of the seal being tested open and check around the seal to ensure a strong signal is being received at all points.
  • The compartment is then closed and the inspection of the seal begins.
  • If there is a leak or area of weak seal compression readings will increase.
  • By moving the Sensor to where the signal is strongest, the operator can identify the exact location and extent of any leak site and steps can be taken to fix this issue.

Interactive Training Programme

We have developed a programme to educate users (particularly non-native English speakers) quickly and simply on how to use our equipment.

Optional Accessory

Extended Hi-Life Generator Additional standard generators can be used when testing large holds and the Extended Hi-Life Permascanner™ Generators can provide up to 10 days continuous testing whilst at sea.


Opt in package provides through-life maintenance support, enabling customers to cap the cost of ownership and optimise operational availability. For one annual fee, Coltraco will cover all repairs and calibration costs, and the customer is guaranteed priority assistance in spares and repairs. In the event of component obsolescence, Coltraco guarantees to exchange the unit for a like-for-like model type at no additional charge. The Portacare™ package does not cover customer-induced damage, but as a Portacare™ customer you have priority to repairs and spares with a 25% discount. Upgrade to Portacare™ TMSS PREMIER, which covers all repairs, calibration, and guarantees an advance-exchanged unit is always ready-to-ship. You can also download PDF for more information.

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