Coltraco Customer Care: a case study

The lesser time taken to carry out these tests is valuable to owners and ship managers in that they can demonstrate without lengthy visual inspections that the vessel is ready in all respects to carry the cargo, meaning cargo loading can commence earlier. The results determined by electronic instrumentation are also extremely valuable to vessel owners, charterers, and cargo interests because they can all be assured the cargo worthiness has been determined to a high degree thereby assuring all that the chance of cargo damage by water ingress is a very low probability is a simple solution with few limitations and is easy to learn how to operate. Testing can be completed far more quickly, by just one person, in comparison to labour and time intensive hose testing. Testing can be completed on key areas: Cable Transit Seals provide a key element in maintaining the integrity of bulk heads and watertight seals onboard Naval, Offshore Oil & Gas and Marine assets. As one of the most neglected areas onboard, having the means to quickly identify the exact location and severity of issues in MCTs can dramatically assist Contractors and Fleet Operators to enhance the flood, fire & smoke protection that a correctly installed MCT seal provides.

By greatly reducing the chance of water ingress occurring – lives can be saved, vessel integrity, and cargo at sea – by implementing safer, improved and innovative methods, as mentioned above, of hatch cover testing. Coltraco measure their improvement in safety by continuing their Research & Development programmes with their partnered universities. Coltraco also base their improvements through customer feedback which they value strongly. The below is a testimonial from Captain J.F. Holmes, Botrans Ltd:

“Having recently returned our Portascanner® Watertight unit to the makers, Coltraco, for servicing and calibration, we are extremely pleased at the level of co-operation we received back from them, not only in continuing feedback but also in the manner in which the Company Management perceived our requirement from a cost effective means in bringing, not only the unit, but the carriage and storage container, back up to an operational condition, in a time sensitive and timely manner. The unit itself undergoes a relatively hard life in the field and on site, whilst in the hands of experienced surveyors but also in a tough environment. Our Portascanner® Watertight unit performed well during the entire period of use, proved rugged and we feel sure that if it had not required returning for mandatory calibration and certification, the unit would have performed well for many more years to come. Be that as it may, the added bonus from the unit's return is the updated readout and software which permits a more definitive execution of the reporting and documentation when on site, testing weather deck closing devices. Our dealings with the Coltraco Management and Servicing Team has been a gratifying experience and feel sure with the returned, serviced, calibrated and updated Portascanner® Watertight unit, it will continue to give us the professional edge in being able to continue to offer a complete service to Ship Owners and Time Charterers and other interested parties in the protection of transporting their commodities for years to come.”

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