Portalevel® Max Nippon: Produced for Japan

Through exploring the Japanese Fire Protection market in detail in our country partners, several unique requirements were identified to properly serve the local customer base. As a result of this, a specially adapted unit was created, allowing customers to take advantage of the 8th Generation Technology, in the form optimized for specific tailored local requirements. Thicker, more power absorbing Japanese made a cylinders demanded a specially tailored calibration capability and increased power output. This offers customers the usability of the Portalevel Max technology even on the more challenging applications. It is considered to be the 7th Generation of Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator named to be Portalevel Max Nippon.

Features Provided By Coltraco

You can avail mentioned below features along with lowest ultrasonic level indicator price. Coltraco has an impressive record of facilitating customers with reliable, efficient and high quality services. So, give a look to some of the features it offers with Portalevel Max Nippon!

  • Three years warranty
  • Lifetime Support
  • Specially designed for Japanese Market
  • Fast Operation
  • Service a cylinder in under30 seconds
  • Not radioactive
  • Ultrasonic clean technology
  • Class Approved
  • Accurate to 1.5mm
  • Measures multibank rows 2-4 deep

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