Using ultrasound to enhance offshore safety

Bad industry practice is unacceptable when fire risk may have catastrophic results due to risk to life, downtime in operation due to platform safety and repair work and incalculable reputational damage

Fully operative fire systems on an offshore platform is paramount and demanded by ISO 14520 and PFEER codes. Ultrasound should be harnessed by innovators in the safety of offshore platforms i.e. acoustic (sound) energy in the form of waves of high frequency that are above the human audible range. By utilising a sensor which acts as a transceiver, an ultrasonic measuring device is capable of detecting liquid levels within any single-skinned container through transmitting an ultrasonic pulse and analysing the strength of the returned signal to determine the level of contents.

When these fire systems are properly maintained, the cost associated with fire damage is likely to reduce dramatically as it is know fire damages on these hazardous offshore environments are generally catastrophic to lives, asset, environment and company reputation.

The introduction of a package to cover watertight doors, compartments, pipework, rotating machinery, pumps, sprinkler systems and gaseous extinguishing installations. The package is based on integrity, from design, through to life-time support, and is accurate, reliable and easy to use for any operations & QHSE staff. The use of ultrasound technology to protect safety critical assets is new. There are currently no technical papers which discuss ultrasound as a method to holistically service safety management systems.

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