Overview of the Portascanner® Watertight

What is it?

The most mathematically accurate handheld ultrasonic watertight integrity tester indicator in the market to 0.06mm (+/-0.02mm).

What does it do?

The main purpose of the equipment is to identify the exact location and severity of leak sites in any watertight, weathertight or airtight seal.

Why is it the best?

The focus in developing the equipment was to make this process as simple, quick and accurate as possible.

Who needs to use it?

Commonly used to test leaks in hatch-covers, doors, bulkheads, hatches, Multiple cable transit areas testing device and NBCW (nuclear, biological, chemical warfare) seals in shipping, oil and gas and defence.


  • Maximum Range of 100meters, making it more than capable of measuring even the largest holds on modern bulk carriers
  • Magnet fitting allows easily positioning on the hatch combing during testing, saving significant time and no the need to climb down into the hold
  • Disposable 9V batteries so no reduction in battery effectiveness over lifetime of the equipment
  • Highly durable case for longevity of use
  • Very lightweight and compact for easy of transportation, storage and movement around the vessel. Weighing just 430 grams


    • Two methods of reading: Linear Readout – _Very simple – _larger the reading = larger the problem. Easy to calculate Weathertight value (10% of OHV & explained below)

Decibel Readout – _Preferred method by Surveyors to report in and provides option for logarithmic scale

    • SPA Feature – _Allows the operator to increase the sensitivity of the reading to operate over larger distances
    • Highly directional – _Designed to make it especially sensitive to identify the exact location of any leak site
    • Accuracy – capable of detecting leak sites as small as 0.06mm
    • Hard aluminium case for longevity of operation and protecting the internal electronics
    • Receiver components can also be used for use with the Permascanner® Dynamic in the event operators want to inspect the impact of the hatch cover seals whilst the vessel is at sea.

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