Comply with regulations the easy way: ultrasonic

Shipping professionals understand that any marine structure “turns and bends” as it sails, that its extent is affected by its sea, weather and its load states and that as a structure ages its integrity changes and worsens. Today it is possible to continuously monitoring the state of hatch-covers whilst at sea thanks to Coltraco who are developing the first fixed and semi-fixed watertight integrity monitoring systems with remote diagnostics and alarm relay.  Just as the vessel is in a dynamic state, so too a pressurised fire extinguishing gas is affected by temperature and that its cylinder holding structure and its associated pipework corrodes over time. Regular and frequent inspections, above any beyond the regulatory inspections can aide condition monitoring and preventative maintenance. Over 20% of the world’s commercial ships, over 20 leading Navies and many oil and gas platforms and rigs recognise these issues and use Portalevel™ MAX Marine and/or Portascanner™ Watertight as part of their safety management systems. It is the responsibility of the Master to ensure that the vessel is watertight integrity testingthe fire systems in working order, but it is the responsibility of the Owner or Operator to ensure that the Master can achieve this.

These two safety solutions are at the heart of the crew’s ability to comply with regulations. The IMO regulates for the safe operations of ships. The Flag States enforce these. The Classification Societies & PSC inspect these, but it is for the Ship Owners & operators to implement this. Suppliers provide the solutions. Enabling ship owners and operators to access marine technologies to deliver a safely-operated ship and prevent its detention by Port State Control (PSC) Inspection Agencies for non-compliance, is the Safeship® mission from Coltraco Ultrasonics.

For example, the IMO SOLAS FSS code enabling Officers and Crew to test their fire systems or their watertight integrity in port and at sea. The IMO SOLAS FSS Code states that every ship “must have the means for the crew to check the contents of the CO2 & marine CO2 systems. The crew cannot dismantle and re-install a CO2 system. The Portalevel™ MAX Marine means they can check each cylinder in 30 seconds without disturbing it. Thus, there are IMO codes, Class regulations, Port Authority suggestions which are all well known within shipping. And yet there is one regulatory body which is totally neglected: the BS EN ISO 14520 Gaseous Extinguishing Systems is the global standard for a ship’s fire system. It specifically states that if a gaseous system loses 5-10% of its contents then it is not “safe”.

There exists so much “ungoverned space” in shipping, so many unnecessary losses of seafarers, vessels and cargoes too. Shipping may be very proud of its safety record, but it should do more itself rather than wait for the regulators to impose themselves upon it.” Rounding off this examination into the ungoverned space in shipping, Coltraco’s CEO states: “We remain the global centre of shipping and I wish us to lead that to a new future of Safe Shipping too.”

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