Why do you need to calibrate?

Like an annual MOT on your car, calibrations service your equipment to ensure it is as accurate and reliable as when you first purchased it.

How often? In accordance with ISO 17025 for testing and measuring equipment, annual recalibration is recommended for companies complying with this regulation. Whilst there are some companies who offer 5 year calibration certificates, Coltraco Ultrasonics believe that we should follow the guidance set out in the regulations and thus offer 1 year calibration certificates.

Where can you calibrate your unit? Calibrations must be conducted in a Coltraco approved centre: either with us in the UK at the above address or with our ODA (Organisational Delegated Authority) Service Centres overseas.

How long will it take? We will always ensure that the turn-around-time is as short as possible. We aim to have the unit returned to you within a maximum of 10 working days, no matter where in the world our customers are. If required, replacement loan units can be made available for the duration that your unit is away for recalibration.

If your unit has been damaged whilst operating, we can repair it for you. Factory level repairs for the electronics, display module and membrane control panels have to be carried out in our facilities in the UK. Time scales for unit returns may vary depending on the severity of problem. If your unit has been damaged please contact our Support Department with a brief description of the problem and we will organise this for you as quickly as we can.

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