How does ultrasonic technology cut ungoverned space within the fire industry down?

  • Ultrasound is merely acoustic (sound) energy in the form of waves of high frequency that are above the human audible range.
  • Portascanner™ uses ultrasound to test the integrity of confined spaces and can detect leak sites as small as 0.06mm.
  • Portagauge™ uses ultrasound to test the internal and external corrosion on pipework and cylinder wall thickness to an accuracy of +/-0.1mm.
    • Globally we are known for the design and manufacture of 11 different model types of Portalevel™ liquid level indicators.  Accurate to +/-1.5mm for CO2, FM-200™ , NOVEC™ 1230, HFC-225 & 227, remaining Halon systems, FE-13™, FE-25™ and FE-36™.
    •  We can monitor these extinguishing systems 24/7 with the fixed, data-logging and autonomous monitoring system, Permalevel™ Multiplex & Permalevel™ Single Point. Signals from these fixed monitoring sites can be monitored centrally at the customer location and remotely globally.

Smart Solutions

This is the “ungoverned space”; but in it technology offers many solutions. Who today would object to vehicle safety restraint mechanisms? Who today would willingly replace a “chip and pin” credit card with one requiring only a signature? As the world changes, so must our industry integrate technological solutions to provide a bulwark against wider industry misinterpretation and minimal, even occasional and flagrant, disregard in the application of standards and good global engineering practise, creating standards which all can understand and apply.

The “white heat” of technology shines as a beacon of hope to our industry and so too enables justification for customers to actively engage in the monitoring of FM 200 fire suppression system
as an integrated and essential element to their business activity.

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