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Oil and Gas facilities are high value assets requiring maintenance and protection, which Coltraco Ultrasonics has strived to provide. With the ABS and RINA Approved Portalevel® MAX and the technologically advanced Portasteele Calculator™ a facilities manager can be supplied with the confidence that their fire suppression systems are operating under an enhanced safety management plan. Portalevel® Max units have been operating on rigs, platforms and offshore support vessels around the globe, notably on approximately 160 of the North Sea rigs overtime, as well as with onshore drilling, exploration and production operations. The UL-listed Portalevel® Max services a cylinder in 30 seconds with accuracy of up to +/- 1.5mm off the true liquid level indicator. The Portasteele™ Calculator then transforms the liquid level height of C02 NOVEC™ 123, FM-200™and other liquefied gaseous readings taken on the Portalevel® MAX device into weight/mass. As it is easy to learn how to operate, the Portasteele™ Calculator is a useful and accessible aid. Coltraco are delighted to share that the Portasteele Calculator has now been shortlisted for awards twice, once for the 2016 Seatrade Maritime Asia Safety Award, and recently for the Technical Innovation Award in the 2016 Tanker Shipping & Trade Conference Awards. The ease of use, portability and accuracy of the Portalevel® Max and Portasteele™ Calculator makes them an unbeatable duo in providing assured fire safety.

There exists much “ungoverned space” in the fire industry. Too often fire protection is seen as a cost rather than an investment and something vital to the overall business activity of the customer. High value assets such as Data Centres, Military Communication facilities, Power Generating, Electricity & Gas Sub-Stations, Mobile Networks - are critical infrastructure with catastrophic effects in the event of downtime or shutdown. We cannot rely on sprinkler systems as they can suffer leakage and gas systems can cause catastrophic effects given its physical pressure in the case of the uncontrolled release. Technologies exist now to far more efficiently test room integrity. Testing of room integrity is contained in NFPA 2001: Standard on Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems and ISO 14520: Gaseous Fire-Extinguishing Systems, concerning enclosure design and testing. Coltraco Ultrasonics Portascanner™ ISO 14520 is the most mathematically accurate device available providing precise data concerning leak locations and aperture. Unrivalled in its precision, non-invasive methodology and ease of use, the first unit available to the Fire Industry. It is perfectly positioned to work alongside Door Fan testing in order to meet the total requirements for fire safety regulations ensuring continuous fire protection of rooms using Clean Agent Fire Suppression systems.

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