How does the Portalevel® MAX contribute to safety at sea?

Marine Fire Safety has come into the spotlight again in recent months after a number of fire events and with a focus on changing guidelines for Ro-Ros in particular. A recurring element is the lack of understanding of the engineering of marine fire extinguishing systems, the physical principles and characteristics of their contents, pressurisation and discharge behaviour into protected spaces which lacks room integrity to confine the gas into it on discharge and a lower awareness of the risks and how to mitigate them. One simple, cheap and effective solution would be to apply the IMO SOLAS FSS code maintenance by introducing useful and easy to use technology to ensure the crew can test the contents of each CO2 cylinder in less than 30 seconds, as part of routine maintenance which is now readily available. This has to be done because Gaseous Systems are highly pressurised at 49Bar or 720 psi and can leak as they exist in a dynamic state. Anecdotal evidence suggests that 20% of cylinders aboard ships are partialy empty or empty

Portalevel® MAX Marine is an  8th generation hand-held ultrasonic liquid level indicator from Coltraco Ultrasonics with ABS Type Approval. “This technology has been around for years” I hear some of you say. And yet, why is it that so many people are still wholly unaware of this method for testing the fixed fire extinguishing systems onboard vessels, instead relying on the traditional method of weighing or neglecting to test the contents of ships CO2 & marine CO2 systems until the annual certification check by shore-based contractors ? The industry desires to improve maintenance of the fire-fighting system – one of the key elements protecting the crew, cargo and vessel when out at sea without easy accessibility to a typical shore-based emergency fire service. While there may be a few other brands of liquid level indicator available, the Portalevel® MAX Marine is an innovative and crew-safe method by which it can :

  • test the ships CO2 system contents in compliance with the IMO SOLAS FSS Code,
  • enabling for the first time adherence to ISO 14520 the “gold standard” for clean agent systems in identifying 5% of contents loss
  • check its liquid level readings to ones of weight and mass and
  • monitor that the “protected machinery space” has sufficient room integrity to contain the CO2 on actuation.
  • An ATEX-certified Zone 1 Intrinsically safe version is soon to be available for Gas Carriers
  • Its Marine Multi-Bank Extension Rod is the smallest in the world able to operate on even the smallest cylinder spaces on Japanese built vessels – 12mm
  • It is designed for non-English speakers to operate and cylinders can be tested in 30 seconds
  • A Cylinder Cooling Jacket is designed to enable CO2 cylinders to be cooled in hot weathers

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