The Smart Ship is a Safe Ship.

Safety Of Life At Sea is the critical code we all wish to see implemented. Beyond saving human lives, we protect the vessel then the cargo. Today we take that further to protecting our marine environment and increasing efficiencies. We understand that the Smart Ship can be interpreted as the fully automated and unmanned vessel, but for Coltraco Ultrasonics the Smart Ship is interpreted as a safe ship and that is our priority. Using ultrasonic technology, the Safeship® is achieved by the increased monitoring of the two main causes for vessel loss: sinking and fire. Using our expertise in ultrasonic technology, Coltraco Ultrasonics achieve the Safeship® through the monitoring of watertight integrity testing and gaseous extinguishing systems, benefitting from the continuing and developing technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Using technology that has come to fruition and also in development, ship owners are able to protect their crew, vessels and cargo with Smart Safeship® technologies.  This paper argues we can better implement the Smart Ship, existing regulations, and strengthen new ones, thanks to more sensor monitoring technologies which will be linked by the Internet of Things (IoT). The application of the Internet of Things and ultrasound allows the Smart Ship to be achieved here and now, with technology that is implementing and exceed regulations. Continuous monitoring solutions benefit the crew; by being easy to operate, quick, accurate and a better than traditional monitoring techniques, meaning the likelihood of their use and thus protection is much higher. Whilst regulations can be said to drive up costs in the short term, their longer-term impact can save time, costs and improve the industry. Those in the shipping industry must strive towards the Safeship®: holistic protection of their fleet.

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