Need to monitor Protected Space Room Integrity

Coupled to this is, is the danger of a lack Room Integrity testing after the gaseous system has been installed.  As vesselsage or their internal use is changed leak sites develop. If the gas cannot be “held” in the confined space on discharge during a fire event the probability of its suppression diminishes in direct proportion to the size of the leak sites. Clean agents are designed to operate in limited spaces where there is a need for speed of suppression given the asset risk and where the space is occupied by people. They must be easily maintained in-situ, non-flammable and non-toxic. They must comply with NFPA 2001 standards demanding fast discharge in 10 seconds and fire extinguishing within 30 seconds, delivering confidence to the operator that it delivers “best fire safety practise”. 

Compartmentation Integrity – complementing Door Far Testing

It is here that the value of the Portascanner  Watertight Integrity Testing Indicator is evident. This unit is a small, hand-held ultrasonic device featuring dual Decibel & Linear readings in the display and widely used in Shipping, Naval vessels, Submarines and Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms. Moreover, the unit is supported by regional Service Stations in USA, UK, Dubai, India and Singapore. Using ultrasonic technology this device is able not only to pinpoint precise leak locations, but to determine their leak apertures as small as 0.06mm with a tolerance of +/-0.02mm, making it by far the most accurate device for this function. The Portascanner also provides an interpretation of the seal for desired locations, labelling them either watertight, weather tight or full leakage site as appropriate. The advantages of being able to accurately detect the exact leak locations and size are self-evident when considered alongside the importance of reaching Peak Pressure for clean agent fire suppression to be effective. In a case where there is too much leakage in a room (and thus insufficient Hold Time), the Portascanner is an unrivalled ideal for the rapid and accurate identification of these sites so that they can be sealed. It is lightweight, fast and easy to use, allowing leak site detection to increase its operational efficiency and speed to a degree that has never been seen thus far.

It is perfectly positioned to work alongside Door Fan testing in order to meet the total requirements for fire safety regulations and ensure the continuous fire protection of rooms using Clean Agent Fire Suppression systems. As Door Fan Testing has been proven to be a reliable and trusted method of room testing by industry experts, it is expected that its dominance shall continue in the near future. The immediate use of the Portascanner lies in its improvement of the final stage of room integrity testing –  the search for leak sites in the case of a leakage excess –  for which it can vastly improve accuracy and operational efficiency. Portascanner 520 is a hand-held product designed to identify leak-sites in Protected Spaces.

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