Largely used in shipping as a tool to gauge thickness, yet with more varied uses across military, medical and industrial fields - is now being put to more advanced, innovative uses in shipping for fire safety solutions too.

One of the sciences being harnessed by innovators in the fire safety sector is that of Ultrasound: i.e. acoustic (sound) energy in the form of waves of high frequency that are above the human audible range. Although the shipping world merely uses it as a tool to ultrasonic thickness gauge, it has seen far more varied use across military, medical and industrial fields. Sound is, in itself, vibrations that propagate as a mechanical wave or pressure and transmit through solid, liquid or gaseous mediums. Coltraco is one of a number of companies using these fundamental physical principles to design and manufacture products and systems that can be used by fire engineers and their customer installations. 

Today we know this as SONAR. Ultrasound is sound beyond our audible range. We are familiar with it through our hospitals during pregnancy scanning or the BBC when we “hear” dolphins and bats using it to communicate and navigate on wildlife programmes. We only hear that on our televisions as the ultrasound is hetrodyned to convert the ultrasound into something we can hear. But just as sound travels more quickly through water than air we understand that it travels through both. And its speed of travel can be measured. And because a gaseous system contains liquid or gas and it discharges into a protected space, so too can ultrasound be used to monitor all 3 of these

As the world changes, so must our industry integrate technological solutions to provide a bulwark against wider industry misinterpretation and minimal, even occasional and flagrant, disregard in the application of standards and good global engineering practise, creating standards which all can understand and apply.

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