What are bearings and how are they used?

Bearings are an integral device widely used in machinery that requires rotational, axial or linear movement to operate whilst restricting motion into a designed path, minimising friction and stress. Many industries have machinery that requires some form of motion enabled by bearings. Such as:

Steel production facilities

Steel and iron use cold rolling mill machi-nery. The working rolls of the plant are the most extensively monitored. This is quite a challenging monitoring environment due to high temperatures, high and low-speed operation, as well as high contamination of water and debris.

Mining industry

Slow turning rolling element bearings require monitoring in this industry. Machinery such as crushers, stackers, conveyors, vibrating feeders, magnetic separators, slurry and vacuum pumps, classifiers, agitators and compressors.

Paper processing Industry

Papermaking machine bearings operate under very high temperatures and can be vulnerable to fractures of the inner ring, causing stoppages in production. Monitoring is done to determine the condition of the rolling-element bearings of the rolls, roll alignment, balance, and the condition of the electric motors and gearboxes.

Cement industry

Many machines in this industry require monitoring of bearing condition, including crushers, mills, separators, roller presses, separators, conveyors, feeders, air compressors and fans. Most of which use rolling-element bearings powered by electric motors.

Thermal power industry

Gas and steam turbine generators and combined cycle plants require their most critical machines monitored. Dynamic rotating machines use high-speed rotating parts. The cost of failure in this industry is far-reaching.

Maritime industry

Diesel engines, gas turbines and nuclear reactor powered ships utilise bearings in all areas, from crankshafts to pistons and pumps. Also, gearboxes fans and other motors onboard, such as alternators used to generate electricity.

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