How can the Portascanner® 520 assist with Room Integrity/Door Fan


There are 3 areas where the Portascanner® 520 will assist you in your Room Integrity Tests /

Door Fan Test (DFT):

  1. Pre-Room Integrity Test

Based on the assumption that many rooms fail their initial Room Integrity Test, the handheld

Portascanner® 520 will assist in:

  • EARLY ANTICIPATION OF ISSUES: Portascanner™ 520 enables fire contractors to

indicate location and extent of leak sites prior to a scheduled DFT session for

remedial action to be taken to maximise the “PASS” rate the test.

  • ADD TO RANGE OF SERVICES: Ultrasonic technology can add great value to the

contractor’s range of services by finding and patching up leaks before the

scheduled DFT test day. This is because sealants take time to set and may impede

the operations of a DFT if remedial work is conducted on the DFT scheduled day


  • MORE ACCURATE SERVICE QUOTES: Benefiting fire contractors and customers – as

ultrasound is fast and non-invasive, a quick ultrasonic leak survey can be conducted

on site to locate early leak sites. This information can assist the fire contractor’s

quoting process and may act as preliminary evidence to justify the quote proposed.

Overall, this practice improves the prospect of securing an initial DFT “PASS” – and

thus delivering up an efficacious fire protection outcome.

  1. During Room Integrity Test
    • EXACT & QUANTIFIABLE LEAK LOCATION: Use of ultrasonic technology can pinpoint

the exact location and extent of the leak sites while the DFT is being carried out.

      • TIME EFFICIENT: As ultrasound is quick and easy to use, the use of a Portascanner®

alongside DFT allows remedial work to be conducted immediately.

      1. Post-Room Integrity Test

Based on the assumption that the structural integrity of rooms will change over time, the

handheld Portascanner® 520 will assist in:

      • REGULATION COMPLIANCE: Once the room has passed the DFT and is able to

achieve the retention time required, periodic ultrasonic room integrity tests can be conducted

using an ultrasound scanner to comply with enclosure integrity maintenance as

listed in the ISO 14520, EN15004 and NFPA regulations.

room can remain continuing their daily tasks without affecting the leak detection

test results

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