How is the Portascanner® 520 used to supplement the use of the Door Fan Test kit?

How is that done in a test?

Answer: Before or during the Door Fan Test, the goal is to obtain an overall understanding of
how much the room was leaking. The process to do this starts off by turning the ultrasound
emitter on and leaving the emitter in the room. Exit the room and look for areas which
commonly leak and use the receiver to pinpoint the exact position of these leaks where leaking
ultrasound would be detected. The leak tests can be done on doors, raised floors, cable
penetrations and out of air vents. Some wall areas can also be quickly checked by running the
sensor wand across. These leaks can be promptly sealed before the Door Fan Test equipment
is brought in or before the Door Fan Test is repeated

How can the more challenging areas of an enclosure be tested for leakage areas such as raised floors and false ceilings?

Answer: If the leakages from the room into the void area above the false ceiling need to be
found, one can locate the leaks in the ceiling tiles by placing the compact ultrasound generator
in the void area and scanning the false ceiling tiles below using the receiver.
If the leakages above the false ceiling tiles leading to the adjoining rooms is more of a concern,
then the important leakage areas to note in the ceiling void are areas close to the air vents or
cable penetrations that leads into the adjoining rooms. The ultrasound generator placed within
the room will fill the room with ultrasound allowing these areas to be tested from the adjoining

When testing leaks that go from areas underneath raised flooring into the adjoining rooms,
the ultrasound generator can be placed underneath the floor tiles and the leaks tested outside
from the adjoining rooms. Examples of areas to note are areas where cabling exists between
the adjoining rooms. The ultrasound generator placed underneath the floor tiles will fill the
entire area with ultrasound and the leaks from the cable penetrations can be tested by pointing
the receiver towards the cable exit in the adjoining room.

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