Monitor Your Assets and Ensure Safety With Ultrasound

High value assets such as data centres (the UK has the largest concentration globally outside of the USA); military communication facilities (at the time of writing, the UK has the second largest defence budget globally); power generating stations; electricity and gas sub-stations; mobile phone networks; critical engineering facilities; offshore oil and gas platforms; pipeline transmission; and refineries, are all items of infrastructure with widespread catastrophic effect in the event of their downtime or shutdown. Their asset values requiring fire protection far exceed the delivery of minimal compliance, and the cost or damage to reputational integrity is far in excess of the cost of a real-time monitoring system.

The UK fire industry is accepted around the world as a leader in its understanding of good engineering practice and has some of the finest fire engineers globally. The definition of a free market is an idealised form of market economy in which buyers and sellers are allowed to transact freely based on a mutual agreement on price without state intervention in the form of taxes, subsidies or regulation. If we accept that we do not operate in such an economy but in one that is regulated and that we have global engineering standing within our industry, then the only reason price dominates is that government and regulators are standing aside from the creation of an environment in which safe engineering goes rewarded rather than being prejudiced, and potentially because the industry itself is unaware of the latest technology.

SCIENCE IS at the core of our company, which devotes significant resource to research and development for fire industry and end users.

Ultrasound is merely acoustic (sound) energy in the form of waves of high frequency that are above the human audible range. It is used industrial fields. Sound itself consists of vibrations that propagate as a mechanical wave or pressure and transmit through solid, liquid or gaseous mediums. In physiology, sound is the reception of such waves and in psychology their perception by the brain, which is why a human being listening with one ear angled from the other (and therefore at a different distance from the sound source to the other) ‘hears’ sound as one sound.

Coltraco aims to replicate nature and use these fundamental physical principles to design and manufacture products and systems that can be used by fire engineers and their customer installations.

Portascanner® 520 uses ultrasound to test the integrity of confined spaces and can detect leak sites as small as 0.06mm. Portagauge® 3 uses ultrasound to test the internal and external corrosion on pipework and cylinder wall thickness to an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm. Globally, we are known for the design and manufacture of 11 different model types of Portalevel® liquid level indicators, accurate to +/-1.5mm for CO2, FM-200, NOVEC 1230, HFC-225 and 227, remaining halon systems, FE-13, FE-25 and FE-36. We can monitor these 24/7 with the fixed data logging and autonomous monitoring systems Permalevel® Multiplex and Permalevel® Single Point. Signals from these fixed monitoring sites can be monitored centrally at the customer location. Globally. liquefied extinguishant weight conversions are mathematically possible with the recent launch of the world’s first Portasteele® Liquid level to mass conversion calculator.

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