Why Buy a Portamonitor® Bearing Indicator?

84% of degradation to bearings occurs once installed. Monitoring can detect abnormalities caused by

these and allow preparations for maintenance or replacement, ultimately avoiding failure and saving

money. A failure of a bearing is not just the part itself, but for example in the marine industry, the cost

to a vessel owner is repair, fitting and downtime in dock and loss of earning whilst not operational.

Without systematic procedures and planned maintenance (enabled by condition monitoring) then cost

can be very damaging to a business.

  • Portamonitor® is a sophisticated AE device that combines Distress® and db levels
  • Decibels indicate the actual noise signature of the bearing. By checking the noise of the bearing

over time (whilst running at comparative speeds) as the noise increases, it indicates an increase in degradation of the bearing. This is used for continuous long-term monitoring, i.e. checking

the bearing as part of scheduled maintenance, recording he readings each time and watching

for a spike in readings

  • Distress provides an instant indication of bearing health. Readings over 10, indicate a bearing

declining in condition

  • Sound generated by friction and impacts caused by poor lubrication or bearing damage

propagates as a stress wave is detectable by the Portamonitor®.

  • Signal is processed at sensor level allowing quick and effective diagnostics.

4. Competitive Advantages of the Portamonitor®

Appropriate monitoring matters because false diagnosis can result in undue downtime, wasted time,

money and resources.

4.1. When to use?

Portamonitor® can be used for pre-service (proof) testing as well as in-service (re-qualification) testing

and condition monitoring.

4.2. Benefits of distress® readings

Distress® provides an instant indication of the health of the bearings. It measures the transient activity,

such as impacts, friction and surface deformation caused by micro-pitting and fractures. Algorithms

inside the Portamonitor® sort this data for comparison against acceptable limits categorised by a


4.3. Display

The display on the Portamonitor® will show a numeric value indicating the level of distress, for instance:

5-10 indicates the system in “OK”. Between the value of 10-15 indicates the system is “SUSPECT”, and

requires further monitoring, whereas >15 indicates a “POOR” system and requires attention.

4.4. Low Cost & Money Saving

The Portamonitor® is low cost and is very easy to use and train crew and easy to integrate into

scheduled maintenance. Using this regularly extends the lifetime of key pumps, bearings and gearboxes

saving significant amounts of money over the lifetime of the vessel, extending the time between

machinery replacement and ensuring failures do not occur at critical times

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