Carnival Cruise improve safety with Portalevel® MAX Marine for inspecting Fire Extinguishing Systems

Carnival is the largest Cruise fleet in the world, with well over 100 vessels, making up 21% of the global cruse market independently. Recently Carnical explored how to enhance their onboard fire safety practises, after a number of onboard events and in doing so, turned to Coltraco Ultrasonics. 

Addressing these two main causes of vessel loss, sinking and fire are critical, especially when all owners and managers are seeking to reduce risk, cut costs and surge on safety. Carnival Cruises chose to protect their fleet by improving fire safety. Carnival, instigated a cross fleet exploration to ensure they could protect their passengers, crew and cruise ships against the risk of incidents. This very comprehensive program covered numerous aspects of equipment, crew training, processes and technical improvements. A key element of this program was improving the onboard ability to inspect their key fire suppression systems. Here, Carnival turned to Coltraco Ultrasonics.

Coltraco’s USA Marine Sales Partner and Organisation Delegated Authority (ODA) Service Partner Lea Machine had been working with Carnival through both their US & Norwegian offices for many years. Lea Machine is a family company, like Coltraco Ultrasonics, with whom Coltraco have worked with  previously together approached Carnival to present smart ultrasonic technology. The Portalevel® MAX Marine was selected as the preferable technology platform for Carnival to be using. This is a handheld ultrasonic liquid level indicator, in the anticipation that Carnival would require the means to test their onboard fire extinguishing systems.

Carnival has a fleet of well over 100 vessels, accounts for 21% of the worldwide cruise market with vessels each varying in size from 70,000 to 120,000 dwt.

Onboard all Cruise, Cargo & Defence vessels one will find fixed fire suppression systems which guard the key machinery spaces onboard. Their core purpose is to protect both the vessel and life onboard. In the event of any fire in key machinery spaces, the fire systems will discharge into the specific areas, extinguish the fires and ensure the continued safety of people and protect serious damage to the machinery.

Carnival are committed to ensuring safety onboard and one aspect of this is maintaining their vessels’ onboard fixed CO2 & marine CO2 systems. It is known that the CO2 contents in the cylinders can leak which is why there are IMO SOLAS FSS Code regulations ( which require all vessels to have the means for the crew to test the agent contents onboard. The handheld ultrasonic liquid level indicator Portalevel® MAX Marine, which is ABS, RINA and UL approved, is an ideal solution for the crew to easily and quickly identify the liquid level of agent. This can improve the safety for crew, passenger and vessel. Over 2 years, Lea Machine engaged in close discussions with Carnival to educate the team about the benefits of improved safety and maintenance, and specifically the advantages of teaming with Coltraco via Portalevel® MAX Marine. This close relationship coincided with decisions within Carnival to upgrade all of their fire fighting equipment across the fleet.

Cost is an ever-present challenge especially in shipping, but was resolved by Carnival’s desire to confirm a fleet wide contract. Carnival wanted to guarantee they received technical and after sales support which they were reassured to receive locally via Lea Machine.

It is with pleasure that by working closely with our USA Marine Sales Partner and ODA - Lea Machine Services Inc. - we won the contract to supply UL-listed & ABS-approved Portalevel® MAX Marine to the Carnival Cruise Fleet of 25 Cruise vessels. We are grateful to Mr Toralf Lea and Mr William Jones of Lea Machine for supporting this contract. We are proud to supply this significant order and to have enjoyed a 25 year relationship with Lea Machine’s sister company Alf Lea in Norway.

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