What is the Safeship® intiative?

Coltraco Ultrasonics implemented the Safeship® initiative, to promote protecting critical infrastructure at sea. The two main causes of vessel loss are sinking and fire. A lack of proper servicing of watertight and weathertight seals can lead to deterioration which can endanger the ship, cargo and lives of the crew through flooding and the potential of capsizing. Secondly, bad industry practice is unacceptable when fire risk may have catastrophic results due to risk to life, downtime in operation due to ship safety and repair work and incalculable reputational damage. The crew, cargo and vessel must be protected when at sea because it is it’s own fire brigade without accessibility to typical emergency services.

As a result, Coltraco designed the FLEETSAFE™: a package of innovative safety tools to combat the above and comply with regulations

With this package the hatch-covers, doors, MCTs, compartments, pipework, hulls, bulkheads, rotating machinery, pumps, sprinkler systems and gaseous extinguishing installations are protected. The package is based on integrity, from design, through to life-time support, and is accurate, reliable and easy to use for any crew members.

To promote the Safeship® Coltraco Ultrasonics have been raising safety awareness and gaining recognition by winning and being nominated for several awards. In 2017 Coltraco won the Seatrade Cruise Award for Supplier of the Year and was nominated for the IHS Markit Safety at Sea Award 2017. Coltraco were also invited to speak at 16 conferences in 2017 to raise safety awareness and to educate, including at the International Maritime Organization, Royal Institution of Naval Architects Smart Ships Conference, IMPA London, Marine Maintenance World Expo and Pacific Sydney. Coltraco Ultrasonics speak at these events to raise their goal of holistic ship safety, in the form of the Safeship®.

The Safeship® initiative has also achieved recognition through engagement in association work such as the Society of Maritime Industries, at the House of Commons in Parliament, Maritime London and the International Maritime Industries Forum seminars and the UK Chamber of Shipping’s Safety Culture Working Group.

Through initiating the Safeship® Coltraco have contributed to safety at sea by building the FLEETSAFE™ capability that can be used easily and safely by the crew and in routine maintenance of the vessel Safety Management System (SMS). This can be in-between the statutory annual maintenance and certification intervals provided by shore-based contractors.

The initiative will continue to work over the longer term by ensuring regulations are implemented and encouraging operators, owners and managers to go above and beyond to secure the Safeship® through minimising risk. Coltraco Ultrasonics focus on benefitting the crew; designing innovative ultrasonic solutions which promote safety culture, which the crew will be happy to use by being easy to operate, quick, accurate and a better method to traditional techniques. This can be in-between the statutory annual maintenance and certification intervals provided by shore-based contractors. Thus, increasing the likelihood of tests being regularly conducted, in line with regulations and even going above and beyond for more frequent testing. By so doing, the crew will be creating a safer ship

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