Protect Against The Risk of Fire At Your Power Generating Facilities

Power generating facilities are safety critical and extremely high value assets. As a result, there is a great focus on business continuity due to the pressures and costs incurred due to accidents, faults, fires, or other temporary outage disruption.

The gaseous fire suppression systems that protect your infrastructure, can leak which can put your asset at risk. Choose smart Safesite® solution to protect your team, asset and infrastructure.  

Power Plants

Fire hazards are abundant in power plants. With lube oil, and combustible materials throughout plants, a small spark can grow into a large fire.

Chose smart solutions to protect against fire risk.

CUSTOMER: Leading UK Gas-Fired Power Station
INDUSTRY: Power Generation
PRODUCT: Permalevel® Single Point
PROBLEM: Risk of 2 x 60KG and 180KG FM-200®  fire suppression system contents leaking
SOLUTION: 24/7 Constant contents verification to ensure safety critical site is protected.

Wind Turbines

Fire hazards are abundant in wind turbines. 10-30% of all loss-of-power-generation incidents in wind power plants are due to fire.
Protect your wind turbines from the risk of fire.
INDUSTRY: Wind Power
PRODUCT: Portalevel® MAX
PROBLEM: Risk of wind turbine fire suppression system (FSS) contents leaking
SOLUTION: Handheld ultrasonic liquid level indicator to check contents of FSS.

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